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Since 2018, we have taken care of the shares and assets of our shareholders who are concerned about the environment in which they will continue to live and do business. However, the history of the group dates back to 1995, when the foundations of its current energy division were laid. For more than a quarter of a century, we have been searching for and successfully developing investment opportunities that help fulfill the key values for us and our surroundings - stability, cohesion, respect, and responsibility.

Our history

We buy a modern administrative building SmíchOFF in Prague. We complete the acquisition of the Belgian software company Fastback and the Polish company Softvig. We divest VIPAP VIDEM KRŠKO.

We grow our digital automotive division with the addition of the vehicle inspection company Cebia, Carvago expands into Western Europe. We also add the heat generation group AHP 3T to the energy division.

We invest into the premium office project Astrid Offices. We procure Central Kladno, the largest shopping center in the Central Bohemian Region.

We invest into the company EAG, begin the acquisition of VIPAP VIDEM KRŠKO and procure our first retail park. We establish the PORTIVA FONDY SICAV fund.

We establish PORTIVA a.s., consolidate the ownership shares of our shareholders into a single holding company and expand our team of employees.

We build our last wind power plant yet. We buy commercial real estate with an hotel in Zábrdovice in Brno.

The value of the company exceeds 1 billion CZK.

We build our first photovoltaic power plant.

ELDACO becomes the largest operator of wind power plants in the Czech Republic.

We launch the first wind power plant in the Drahany Highlands.

Iva Šťastná acquires a controlling share.

We prepare projects for the first wind power plants.

The company ELDACO, the predecessor of PORTIVA, is established.

Portiva - znak Portiva - znak


Iva Šťastná

Iva Šťastná

Chairperson of the Board of Directors

Manages the strategy of the group. Defines the objectives, determines the direction of the company and is the main shareholder of the group.

Pavel Svoreň

Pavel Svoreň

Member of the Board of Directors and CEO

Manages PORTIVA and is responsible for fulfilling its objectives. Forms the structure, consolidates the group, co-creates the investment strategy and manages relationships with partners.

Jiří Hladký

Jiří Hladký

Head of the Finance Department

In charge of all our finances. Thanks to him, the group’s taxes, accounting and cash flow are in perfect order.

Rostislav Andrlík

Rostislav Andrlík

General Legal Counsel

Provides the majority of legal services contracted by the companies within the group.

Jakub Lukša

Jakub Lukša

Fund and Distribution Manager

Manages the qualified investors fund. He is responsible for the development of distribution channels, investor relations, and for the regulatory and compliance issues.

Jakub Dalecký

Jakub Dalecký


Creates financial models, predicts cash flow and analyzes the markets. Thereby, he provides the basis for managerial decision-making.

Miloslav Kocek

Miloslav Kocek

Asset manager

He is in charge of building and administering the property management department for the group’s current and future real estate projects.

Ivo Vojáček

Ivo Vojáček

Business development manager

He is in charge of further expansion of the group's energy portfolio. His responsibility is to identify, bring and ensure the implementation of new projects in the field of renewable resources.

Adriana Pivovarníková

Adriana Pivovarníková

Front office & special projects

Prepares documents and research for the purpose of new investments in the field of electricity production from renewable sources, also monitors ESG.

The group in numbers

13.78 bn Assets (in CZK)*
3.17 bn Turnover (in CZK)
859 mil. EBITDA (in CZK)
55 % Debt ratio

*Reported as of 31 December 2023

Portiva - znak

Group’s Financial Indicators

Long-term Sustainability and Respect for the Environment is Key for Us

The acronym ESG represents non-financial criteria that measure environmental impact, respect for social values and aspects of good corporate governance.


We are committed to upholding these values both in the Group's day-to-day internal operations and in pursuing its investment strategy.

53,99 GWh

Positive Balance

We generate this much more electricity from renewable energy sources than our companies and employees consume.

23,2 t

CO2 Savings

This is how much less emissions we emit compared to conventional sources.

76 000 t

of Coal per Year

This is how much we save by generating electricity through our renewables energy sources.