We are a Central European family office

We create the future for the next generations. Responsibly.

We focus on building lasting values in sectors with a direct impact on the future shape of society, and the environment in which we live.

Portiva znak
Portiva - znak


Renewables are the core of the oldest division in our portfolio. We believe that clean energy makes sense. That is why we already own and operate 15 wind and photovoltaic power plants with a total output of 33 MW. We also operate in the production and distribution of heat.

Real Estate

Real Estate

The real estate division relies on high-quality commercial real estate in which people feel good – from retail parks and shopping centers to premium office buildings. We prefer investing into sustainable properties holding LEED and BREAM certification.

Digital automotive

Digital automotive

Through our majority stake in EAG Group, we are consolidating the European market in the field of digital and IT services for the automotive sector. We are the largest data supplier and provider of digital solutions in
Central Europe.



We are the founder of PORTIVA FONDY SICAV a.s. qualified investor fund and the WATT & YIELD sub-fund focusing on renewable energy sources. This enables our clients to invest sustainably in assets located directly in the Czech Republic.

Portiva - znak

Our vision

We are building on careful and long-standing foundations based on family values, such as stability, cohesion, respect, and responsibility. We approach the group's acquisitions and growth with consideration for the environment in which we operate and the future of future generations. We actively manage our asset portfolio, diversifying it and reducing risk. At the same time, we search for opportunities for further development of the group, not only in the Czech Republic, but we humbly declare our ambition to be a major player in the entire Central European region.
- Pavel Svoreň podpis
- Pavel Svoreň
Pavel Svoreň, CEO, Portiva

The group in numbers

Key financial and economic indicators are far from the only measure of success. Among other things, they show that we have managed to more than triple the volume of assets and significantly increase profit and turnover in less than four years of existence.

13.78 bn Assets (in CZK)*
3.17 bn Turnover (in CZK)
859 mil. EBITDA (in CZK)
55 % Debt ratio

*Reported as of 31 December 2023

What our partners say about us


“I am very pleased that after thirty years of building Cebia, I will be involved in its smooth transition under the wings of the industry leader, and in its further development and growth. Thanks to the new owner, we will be able to invest faster in other areas of the automotive industry, thereby expanding our portfolio of products and services, and at the same time significantly developing the existing ones.” Martin Pajer, CEO


“As with our other projects, we have built the Kladno shopping center with a long-term vision and high quality. We are glad that Portiva has become the new owner, because it wants to develop Central Kladno further.” Simon Johnson, CEO of the Crestyl development group